Your First Visit

Your First Visit

5 steps for your first visit to The Journey


1) Choose a Service

We have two worship services each Sunday, so start by choosing the time that works best for you.

9:30am On-Campus / Online Worship      OR

11:00am On-Campus Worship



2) Check the Map

For our 9:30 or 11 am On-Campus service, we are located at 3429 Journey Parkway, Leander, TX  78641 across the street from Stiles Middle School and Akin Elementary.



3) Let us Welcome You

As you enter, come to our Welcome Center to the back of our foyer and let us welcome you!  We have a nice welcome gift and people that want to help you get the most out of your experience at The Journey.



 4) Check in the Kids

For guests at our 11:00 service, if you arrive with your kids you can make your way to the check-in station at the side of our foyer.  Our team will help you register your children and get them started on a great Sunday experience.   NOTE: Preregistration for children birth to 6th graders is required for regularly attending  members.



5) Worship with Us

Join us for inspiring worship and practical messages that help you Discover the Life of True Adventure.