Our History

Our History

Our HistoryIn the Beginning…
On January 12th, 2003, a dream shared by a few courageous risk takers was introduced to our community. The dream was called The Journey Bible Fellowship.

We rapidly outgrew the tent in which we started and even Artie Henry Middle School soon became too small. We were a portable church in Vista Ridge High School for just under 10 years. During those years, our chances to serve the community continued to grow and we took advantage of every one we could.

In 2008, God gave us the opportunity to buy land across from where Stiles Middle School now stands. This was a great location with many neighborhoods being built nearby. Then in 2011, our generous people enabled us to secure financing for the start of our permanent campus – the Community Impact Center.

Ongoing Community Impact
Today, the dream is reality. The Journey moves with life-giving impact throughout this entire area. Hundreds people have crossed the line of faith, trusting their lives to Jesus and discovering The Life Worth Living. The Journey is a trusted, admired community partner, counted on to improve the quality of life in Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and beyond. And the opportunity only gets bigger as time goes on.

Destination Impact
Impact is what The Journey is all about. Destination Impact is the name we have given our Capital Building and Improvement fund for The Journey. DI was launched in 2008 as a multi-phase program to acquire land and build out The Journey master plan for our campus. Goals for the DI fund include: 1) Support mortgage principle payments, 2) Fund ongoing campus improvements, and 3) Fund architectural designs for the next phases of building on The Journey Campus.