At the Journey, anyone is welcome to attend our services and hang out with us anytime! We’ll serve anyone that comes in our doors. We also believe that membership at a local church is important in the discipleship of believers. Membership is a commitment to a specific, local group of believers, to walk together in our common faith and work together in our common mission. It is unhealthy for a Christian to float around from church to church without a true church home.

Our membership commitment is simple: Journey members affirm our statement of faith, and we commit to gatherconnectserve, and go in our culture of love and grace.

“Gather” means we make the church worship gatherings a priority. By definition, a church is an “assembly” or “gathering.” We don’t track attendance, but we do believe church members should regularly gather for church. Our quarterly family meetings are also important gathering times.

“Connect” means we walk in relationships with each other, rather than being anonymous, isolated Christians. Our hope is that every Journey member will have Christ-centered connection with other members.

“Serve” means we all seek to build up the church with the gifts God has given us. As members, we are not consumers; we are builders. Members have a heart to build up the Journey through serving.

“Go” means we all live on mission in our community and beyond. Our lives should reflect the grace of Jesus as we scatter out to the world, with a heart to shine and share that grace with others.

You can see our membership application HERE. After applying, one of our elders will follow up with you. The Journey Elders seek to regularly connect with all members and commit to regularly pray for them.

Want to learn more? Curt preached two sermons on the importance of membership. You can find those below.

Curt also preached a sermon on each of the four verbs of our membership commitment. You can find those below.