Journey Kids

Journey Kids

Journey Kids Jr. is for children from newborn through preschool.  Journey Kids is our ministry for kids from kindergarten through 5th grade.  All of our children, birth through 12th grade are taught using the Orange Curriculum.   Learn More about Orange

Orange partners closely with parents using the Parent Cue app to assist parents in becoming the champion of their child’s faith.

Journey Kids and Journey Kids Jr. include preschool and elementary
Kids in Journey Kids Jr.

Journey Kids Jr.

We want preschoolers to take a first look at who God is and understand . . .
– God made me.
– God loves me.
– Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Journey Kids

By the time a child leaves the 5th grade, they should know 3 core truths:
– I can trust God no matter what
– I need to make the wise choice
– I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Check-in and safety

We want to ensure that your child remains safe as they learn about God’s love. We ask that all children go through check-in each week. Parents will receive a name tag that they will use to pick up their child at the end of services. Children receive a name tag that includes a matching number to ensure someone doesn’t get picked up by an unauthorized individual.

What can I expect on Sunday mornings?

You can expect that your child will be greeted by trained volunteers who have a heart for pouring God’s love into children.  In our nursery, the children will be held, loved and played with, while the older toddlers will have a short lesson and craft they will be encouraged to participate in.  In our PreK and elementary classes, they will be led through age appropriate games, songs, videos and activities that will keep them safe, entertained and engaged while learning about God’s love for them.