Journey Kids

Journey Kids

Journey Kids is for children from newborn through preschool, and encompasses our Nursery class for babies through toddlers, and our PreK class for preschool age children.

Journey Kids also covers Kindergarten through 5th grade and is broken into our Younger Elementary (K-1st), Older Elementary(2nd-3rd), and Preteen (4th-5th) environments. All of our children, birth through 12th grade are taught using The Gospel Project.

Our Journey Special Abilities class has a special set of activities to serve those among us with special needs. This class takes place every Sunday during our 11:00 AM service. Please email Lindsay at for more information and to fill out an initial form so that we can get to know your family better. We look forward to welcoming your family and serving your child with special needs the best we can!

It’s More Than a Story – It’s Good News!

We have several goals when teaching the good news of the Bible to your children. We want to keep the focus on Jesus by helping kids see how the whole Bible points to Jesus and the gospel.  The Gospel Project’s Chronological study plan unites the big story and themes of Scripture to help kids connect the dots. Our wonderful Journey Kids Shepherds (fun little name for our teachers) live the story and help kids avoid moralistic thinking about God through gospel-soaked discipleship. We don’t just want to church out little robots who can spout off a list the the things they know God does or doesn’t approve of, but rather critically thinking people who can stand by their convictions because they stand firm in their relationship with the One True God. Fun extras like art, videos, music, and activities help your kids to interact and engage every week. Our ultimate goal is not just that we do a good job of teaching your kids about who Jesus is, but that we partner with you to train up wise and obedient servant leaders who go into the world with the Good News of the Gospel.

Check-in and safety

We want to ensure that your child remains safe as they learn about God’s love. We ask that all children go through check-in each week. Parents will receive a name tag that they will use to pick up their child at the end of services. Children receive a name tag that includes a matching number to ensure someone doesn’t get picked up by an unauthorized individual. For everyone’s safety, children must be picked up by an adult (18+) with a matching tag. For more information on all our Journey Kids Safety Policies, click HERE.

What can I expect on Sunday mornings?

You can expect that your child will be greeted by background checked and trained volunteers who have a heart for pouring God’s love into children. In our nursery, the children will be held, loved and played with, while the older toddlers will have a short lesson and craft they will be encouraged to participate in. In our PreK, Younger Elementary, Older Elementary, and Preteen classes, children will be led through age appropriate games, songs, videos, and activities that will keep them safe, entertained and engaged while learning about God’s love and his plan for them.

Parent Hub



At our campus, we have a Parent Hub wall which includes several parenting books as well as kids books and devotionals for you to check out! You can even take a book home by scanning the QR code inside the books and filling out your information. We truly want to be a resource to you, so if you see something helpful, take it home and give it a read. You know, in all that spare time you have…

All jokes aside, we want to help you win with your kids and we truly believe two combined influences have a greater impact than just two individual influences working separately. The church and the home in tandem are more influential than either one by itself. That’s why we want to be your partners on this journey of parenting – because together we can do so much more than we ever could apart!