Foster Family Ministry

Vision: Because of God’s compassion and commands regarding the “least of these”, The Journey will challenge every individual and family to sacrificially serve foster and kinship families.


Did you know there are typically 250-300 foster children in Williamson County? James 1:27 tells us that God’s view of true Christianity is to look after these foster children and the families that care for them.

At the Journey, we have the vision of having a big positive impact in every aspect of caring for foster and kinship families including:

  • Providing child care at The Journey so foster parents can have a night out (monthly program called FPNO). Please register HERE. (Click the link, find the FPNO event you want to register for, and sign up your children. FPNO volunteers please register your children as well.)
  • Equipping families to provide child care for a foster parent weekend getaway through respite.
  • Providing training for people who want to become advocates for foster children through Fostering Hope.
  • Helping families through the process of foster care and adoption.
  • Providing “Care Circles” to support foster families so that they have the resources needed to succeed in caring for the foster children. Please click HERE to sign up for a “Care Circle”.
  • Partnering with like-minded ministries like AngelHeart and Fostering Hope.

Ways you can help

You can make a significant impact just by making yourself available for participating in our Foster Parent Night Out events where we take care of kids for a few hours at The Journey to enable their foster parents to have a night out. There is no training required.