Destination Impact

Destination Impact is our vision for major capital improvements to our campus that will enable us to have a greater impact on our surrounding community.

We are extremely thankful for the generosity of so many people who have given so far. We have a dedicated website that provides an overview of Destination Impact along with details about recent major campus improvements and upcoming improvements that are planned.

We encourage you to consider giving to our Destination Impact fund in a way that is above and beyond your tithes and offerings so current operations can continue without interruption.  This is our opportunity to make an eternal investment that will make a real difference in God’s Kingdom.

Giving to Destination Impact Example

Step 1: Your first step is to login if you already have an account, especially if you have a saved credit card.  Otherwise, just fill in the fields and continue to Step 2 illustrated below.

Step 2: Your next step is to select a designation of where you want your giving to apply.  You also need to include a credit card number if one is not already stored in your account.

STEP 1 – Login
STEP 2 – Select Designation and Giving Method