Men’s Retreat 2019
  • 3429 Journey Pkwy
    Leander, TX 78641

  • The Journey Bible Fellowship

Men’s Retreat 2019

Join us for Men’s Retreat April 12-13, this year at… (drum roll) …The Journey!

  • That’s right, we will have our retreat at The Journey Campus this year. Arrive as early as 3 pm on Friday.
  • Cost is $10 per man
  • All men are invited–great opportunity to bring a friend not attending The Journey
  • Less drive time to get there means more time to chill
  • Get to know each other/catch up on the latest while playing Backyard Games–bring your favorite one!
  • Lots of Tommy’s Chuck Wagon Chow for dinner/breakfast
  • Guitars around the Fire Pit–bring yours!
  • Camping overnight is optional–you can come for the Friday afternoon, evening or Saturday morning events to fit your availability
  • If you are camping, bring your sleeping bag, cot and/or tent for a night under the stars!
  • We’ll wrap up before noon on Saturday.

Reminder: No alcohol on The Journey campus