Serving in Our Ministries

Serving in Our Ministries

Choose to Serve and Enable Life Change

At The Journey, we want to build community and enable life change as we apply the biblical principles we learn in all our activities at The Journey to our daily lives. These principles can be discovered as we worship on Sunday morning, as we listen to the message, as we serve, while we are in small groups or during personal Bible study. Each person who serves in some way at The Journey can build community and change other people’s lives.

We ask everyone who calls The Journey home to serve in a ministry role of some type. Please explore these pages and choose a ministry opportunity or two to try out. Let us know which roles interest you and one of our Team Leaders will follow up with you very soon.

God is on the move here on The Journey, and you play a necessary part in our ongoing efforts to enjoy an abundant community.

Explore the Options

Check out the links below to find an area or two in which you would like to serve.

Area Description Interested?
Serving in Children and Student Ministries: Kids from birth through high school offer a wide choice on ways to serve–for the kids themselves and for their parents.
Serving in Worship: Whether it is singing, playing an instrument or supporting roles in our Tech Booth, there are lots of options to serve in worship.
Serving in Café / Welcome Team: People enjoy being greeted by our Welcome Team and served coffee and donuts by our Cafe Team.
Serving Our Community: There are so many ways to serve our community–from kids going to our schools to parents who take care of them.