Destination Impact – Overview

Destination Impact – Overview

Destination Impact Fund

Purpose: The Destination Impact Fund (DI) was established to provide funds for the purchase of land and all capital improvements necessary to complete The Journey Bible Fellowship’s five-phase campus development project.

Length: The length of each phase will depend on the pace at which God leads our people to give.

History: The Destination Impact Fund launched April 1, 2008 with the implementation of Phase 1. Phase 1 was to include the purchase of land, building design and site development. Pledge commitments totaling $802,904 were contributed and collected in the Phase I financial drive which ended on March 31, 2011. This money was successfully used to purchase the land and complete design and site development of the total property.

Phase 2, the construction of a Community Impact Center, began November 1, 2011. A total of $401,910 was pledged toward this effort. Construction on the Community Center began in the early spring of 2012 after a note of $1,825,000 was negotiated and received from Texas First State Bank in Waco, Texas. Construction was completed and The Journey moved to its present location in late October, 2012. As of the end of 2014 when Phase 2 was concluded, $319,018 was collected for Phase 2 and the amount received for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 was $1,121,922.

Future: DI will continue indefinitely into the future. We look forward to the start of a Phase 3 and perhaps more phases as determined by the growth of The Journey’s size and influence.

All members and friends of The Journey Bible Fellowship are encouraged to continue or begin contributing to the Destination Impact Fund. This giving would be above and beyond giving for the Journey General Fund which covers the general operating expenses for the church. Any contributions should be designated specifically for Destination Impact (DI).

No specific dates have been set, but we are hopeful to begin the planning and implementation of a Phase 3 of Destination Impact when our growth, by God’s grace, indicates it is the right time.  Phases 3 of DI could be used to construct a children’s building along with a small office space if that continues to look like the greatest need and opportunity for impact.

Ways to Give to Destination Impact

There are several ways to give to Destination Impact including online giving, mailing a check, or giving during our church services using our Community Boxes on campus.

To give online, select the button below and designate your gift for “Destination Impact” using the dropdown box.

Online Giving Example

Step 1: Your first step is to login if you already have an account, especially if you have a saved credit card.  Otherwise, just fill in the fields and continue to Step 2 illustrated below.

Step 2: Your next step is to select a designation of where you want your giving to apply.  You also need to include a credit card number if one is not already stored in your account.

STEP 1 – Login
STEP 2 – Select Designation and Giving Method