This Week on The Journey

This Week on The Journey

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This Week’s Message:  The New Reality – Triumphs and Tears
This Week’s Passages:  Luke 19:35-44

THE NEW REALITY – Absolutely everything you and your family needs to do life on The Journey is sourced from our website –

SUNDAY MESSAGES ARE LIVE AT 11 AM – Simply go to  or Youtube and worship with us!

Reminder of your application from Sunday’s message:
Encourage your world by using your full voice of FAITH!

Resources for your Bible nutrition:
Website: Bible reading plans;  Net Bible
Apps: Youversion  Is an amazing FREE bible app for your smart device. 
Streetlights Bible – Is an audio bible for the New Testament using the NLT set to music. 

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Small Group Sign-up! Small groups are now happening by Zoom Conference. Groups are where you can grow spiritually and develop deeper friendships. Sign-ups are available on The Journey website HERE.

Journey Kids and Journey Students: Your staff is providing tools for parents to champion your kids’ faith. Again, our website will be the access point for all resources–click the Online Community button on the Homepage and scroll down to the Journey Students or Journey Kids sections. 

Easter – Journey, we have an unprecedented opportunity to invite absolutely everybody in our networks to experience the resurrection this Easter. Our Easter live stream is designed to stimulate celebration for believers and an opportunity to say ‘Yes!’ to Jesus for those not yet in the Kingdom!