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Parenting Resources

The Journey Values Healthy Families–And Parenting Well is a Big Factor

Parenting Blog

We recently created a Parenting Blog and plan to add entries about once a month.


What is Orange? Click the image to view a quick video

Orange is Our Primary Curriculum for Birth-12th Grade–Packed with Parent Resources

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you need more information about Orange.

The Parent Cue

Click the image to go to the where you can choose the Google Play or App Store version.

The Parent Cue is a website, an app, a podcast, and much more. It is loaded with ways you as a parent can invest in your sons and daughters each week to move them toward a deeper faith and a better future. This information is synchronized with what is being taught to your kids each week.

XP3 for Middle and High School Students

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XP3 is designed to give students the lasting understanding of three things.

  1. I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my Creator.
  2. I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says.
  3. I exist every day to demonstrate God’s love to a broken world.

252 Preteens for 4th-6th Grade

Our goal in providing a specific environment JUST for this age-group is that they have a tailored experience for how they think, learn, feel, and that they are able to grow in how they understand God and how the Bible relates to their life. Our goal in all areas of kids and students ministry is to be a partner with you to help your child discover and embrace a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

252 Basics for K-3rd Grade

Click the image to see a short video on 252 Basics

By the time a child leaves the 3rd grade, they should know 3 core truths:

–  I can trust God no matter what
– I need to make the wise choice
– I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

We want to partner with you to help your child discover and embrace a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

First Look Preschool

Click the image to see a short video about First Look

What would happen if you found out about God so early in life you never lived a day without believing that Jesus really loves you?  If a 4 year old believed that, do you think it would make a difference when they are 14? 24? Do you think it would change their future?  Let us partner with you so that before your child enters kindergarten, he or she knows:

  1. God made me
  2. God loves me
  3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

It’s Just a Phase–So Don’t Miss It

Click Image to go to a short video on “It’s Just a Phase”

You have approximately 936 weeks from the time your child is born until he or she graduates from high school. It goes by fast, and kids change and grow quickly.

Phase Guides are an 18-part series of concise and interactive journal-style books that simplify what parents need to know about each phase of a kid’s life and give them the opportunity to discover more about their children—so they can make the most of every phase. We have copies of these guides available to borrow on our Parent Hub resource wall. Inside each of these guides you will discover….


  1. what’s changing about your kid over the next 52 weeks,
  2. the 6 things your kid needs most,
  3. and 4 conversations to have in this phase.

The Phase Guides are a byproduct of The Phase Project, which is a synthesis of personal experience, academic research, and gatherings of leaders and educational experts from across the child development spectrum. Created in partnership with Parent Cue, these guides are designed to help you parent your child through every year.