Faithful With Finances

Faithful With Finances

I’m going to say a word…”Money.” Did your pulse quicken? Eyes dilate? Many of us spend the majority of our lives obsessed with money and possessions. What is a proper, healthy, satisfying view of wealth and its use? Where do we go for sound counsel? For the Christian, the source is the Bible and the ‘go-to’ person for financial wisdom is Jesus. Of all the topics he chose to teach on, money and possessions were frequent and persistent choices.

Below are links to resources that will enable you to do some study about various aspects of stewardship and financial giving.  Share this valuable information with anyone you think might benefit!

Message Series: Faithful With Finances / Resources

Week 1: The Owner Manager Relationship (message audio/video)

Week 2: Rich Toward God (message audio/video)

Week 3: Pathways to Generosity (message audio/video)

Week 4: Pathways to Generosity Part 2 (message audio/video)