Leadership Transition on The Journey

Leadership Transition on The Journey

Our New Lead Pastor And His Family Will Join Us Soon:   Curt Romig joins us with 13 years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in the US and internationally.  Curt, his wife Michelle, and their family will join us to attend services on June 27.  Curt and Michelle have 3 children: Isabella (9), Jubilee (7), and  Samuel (3).  Curt will give his first message to The Journey on July 4th.

The Journey announced the selection of Curt as our next lead pastor at our April 18 Quarterly Town Hall meeting.   If you were not able to attend the town hall and want to learn more about them, you can see the video HERE.

Opportunity to Bless the Romigs: We have prayed for ways that we can help with Curt and Michelle’s transition when they arrive in the Austin area.  Curt and Michelle have a contract to purchase a home here and have very few belongings due to moving here from Abu Dhabi. Ron LaFevers has developed a list of household items that we would like to help the Romigs  with as a church body–either through donation of items themselves from church members or through monetary donations.  Please take a look at the list of the items HERE.

The Transition Process Began Last November: Back in November of 2020, Mitch and Sheri announced plans to transition to their next steps of ministry and our Executive Board explained the process for selecting the next lead pastor of The Journey.  Mitch agreed to  continue as lead pastor through May of 2021.  During Sunday morning services on April 18th, Mitch announced that he will be joining the Colson Center for his next adventure and Sheri will be in a position to devote significant time and energy to support her favorite causes in a major way.  We celebrated Mitch and Sheri with a great BBQ send-off  on May 29th and a final Sunday message “Memories and Music” on May 30th.

What Isn’t Changing: What is not changing as part of this transition is Jesus being the head of The Journey, our church family, our cornerstone values. our programs and our Executive Board members.

The Value of Your Support: Strong support during this period through your time, talents and finances is essential to enabling The Journey to successfully proceed through this transition and continue the mission of ministering to members and the people in our community.