Leadership Transition on The Journey

Leadership Transition on The Journey

Transition Announcement: On Sunday, November 8, Mitch and Sheri announced plans to transition to their next steps of ministry, and your Executive Board explained the current plan and process for selecting the next lead pastor of The Journey.

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What Isn’t Changing: After Mitch and Sheri shared their plans, Mike O’Brien, our Executive Board Chair, began explaining how things will work in this transition.  Mike defined what is not changing: Jesus being the head of The Journey, our church family, our cornerstone values. our programs and our Executive Board members.

Executive Board Leading Transition: Mike explained how the Executive Board was created, how it operates, and who is currently serving on the board.

Transition Process and Timeline: Mike and board member Ron Lafevers described our communication approach, the  process of planning our leadership transition, how the desired characteristics of our next leader have been defined to this point, and what our timeline looks like.  We are working with The Shepherd’s Staff to search for our next lead pastor.  This is the same group that helped us find Paul and Alexis Nichols.

Please Give Us Your Feedback: Finally, board member Karen Hairston described how we need the participation of church members to pray for the church, our leaders, and this whole process.  She asked that the church provides feedback through town hall meetings and discussions with those who are on the Executive Board.  You can also provide your feedback HERE.

The Value of Your Support: Karen and Mitch outlined how strong support during this period through your time, talents and finances is essential to enabling The Journey to successfully proceed through this transition and continue the mission of ministering to members and the people in our community.

Town Hall Video

Town Hall meetings were conducted  on campus and through Zoom where members were able to ask questions and hear answers from the Executive Board.  Click HERE to view the video.