Member Spotlight : Megan Johnson

Member Spotlight : Megan Johnson


Welcome to The Spotlight!

Everyone say hello to Megan Johnson! Megan has been coming to The Journey for some time now, and as a Journey Kids volunteer, she helps nurture a loving and Christ-centered part of your children’s Sunday. Thank you, Megan!

Get to know more about her below:

  • Position at The Journey? I’m a volunteer in child’s ministry Pre-K room. I try and go through the week’s lesson when I’m not acting as the kids jungle gym or referee.
  • How long have you been coming to The Journey? 6-ish years, I think….
  • Where are you from? Northwest Indiana a.k.a. Winterfell, I moved almost 9 years ago because winter is dumb.
  • Any info you’d like to share about your family? I have a new baby niece named Veda Rae, but we’re all obligated to call her Darth Veda.

Some extra tidbits about Megan:

  • Goal for 2022: I read the Bible last year from cover to cover, this year I want to read chronologically.
  • What are some of your hobbies? My quarantine hobby has been learning to knit and crochet, I’ve managed a scarf, a few baby blankets, and I’m working on a hat and a throw blanket.
  • Do you have any pets? I have a black cat named Luigi, or Luigi Giovanni if he’s being bad.
  • Favorite vacation you’ve taken? Trips to Rome, Italy. All the food, and the history stacked (literally) all over the place, and the food, and the wine, and the art, and the food.

Thank you for all the fun answers, Megan! Be sure to stop and say hi and thank you for making The Journey that much brighter for everyone!