SHINE 2021

SHINE 2021

It’s time for SHINE 2021 so that we can BUILD COMMUNITY in 2022!

It has been a big year of transition at the Journey. Your sacrificial serving and giving have been a big part of the Journey fulfilling its mission this year. God provided us a new lead pastor, and we’re excited to see what 2022 holds, especially as we focus on building community. See below for your SHINE giving opportunities so that we can build and grow in 2022.

Any contributions received through December 31 will be included in your 2021 giving statements for tax purposes.



JOURNEY OPERATING FUND:  Finish Well Goal$30,000

Year-end giving to our Operating Fund insures 2021 ministry stability and a strong beginning to an exciting 2022.


Communication Technology Upgrade— $2,000​
Enable The Journey to upgrade our website, provide a Journey App that allows easier communications and event information based on your areas of interest, and a livestreaming platform that is independent of Facebook.

Music Equipment: Shine Goal — $3,000
Stage Wall Lighting Upgrade – improve and enhance the worship experience for both in-person audience and online livestream with lighting behind the band


Orphan Care: Shine Goal — $2000
Provide generous support for our monthly Foster Parent Night Out events, Orphan Care special events, resources for adoption agencies, and foster care and adoption training.

Global Missions: Shine Goal — $3000
We are excited to BUILD our global missions partnerships! How will God use the Journey all around the world? Our goal is $3,000 (or more!). Pastor Curt will be forming a team of Journey members who will pray and research different opportunities so that we can build God’s kingdom in some tough places.

Chase Anderson Benevolence Fund: Shine Goal — $5,000
These funds will provide financial assistance to individuals and families in crisis. Chase Anderson was a young man at The Journey that succumbed to a chronic illness in his early 20’s, but not before demonstrating a strong heart for people in need. He made a significant donation for benevolence with a great attitude even when he was in the midst of many challenges. He continues to be a great example for us to follow.

How to get your Shine on:
1. Pray, Pray, Pray, to our God who owns it all. Ask Him to provide clarity and direction regarding your generosity.
2. Respond in obedience to His clarity and direction.
3. Enjoy the blessings of participating in God’s mission for His Church!

Shine 2021 Giving Instructions:

  1. Giving online for your Shine donation is convenient.  Just review the instructions below and click on the “Give Online” button.
  2. You can also pay by check—just designate “Shine” in the memo line with the preferred option from above.

Online Giving Example

Step 1: Your first step is to login if you already have an account, especially if you have a saved credit card.  Otherwise, just fill in the fields and continue to Step 2 illustrated below.


Step 2: Your next step is to select a designation of where you want your giving to apply.  Look for each Shine category in the drop down list.  You will need to include a credit card number if one is not already stored in your account.