Easter 2021 and Drive Around Egg Hunt

Easter 2021 and Drive Around Egg Hunt

Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus every year around this time. We call this celebration ‘Easter’, and it marks the single greatest event in all of human history.

While it remains vitally important to memorialize the resurrection event, it’s just as important to recognize that the story of Jesus’ resurrection is embedded in a LARGER story, an account that encompasses history, the present day, and a promised future. In God’s larger story we also find ourselves, each given a compelling role in a thrilling narrative.

Beginning on Easter Sunday and continuing through May we will examine the story of God’s work in all creation, the tragedy of the fall, the beauty of redemption, and the culmination of his work in eternity.

Experience the story, engage the beauty, embrace your role!

If you are unable to join us in person, please view our Livestream at 9:30 AM!


Beginning on Easter, our 11:00 service will be a MASK OPTIONAL service. If you attend the 11:00 service, please wear a mask as you enter the building and until you get to your Big Room seat or classroom. Please wear your mask again as you get up and leave your seat or classroom. Please note that our 9:30 service will remain a MASK REQUIRED service.


March 29 – April 3

We’re serving up a different kind of Easter egg hunt in 2021! From March 29 – April 3, families are invited to drive around together to find all our Easter egg signs in Journey folk’s yards. Click HERE to see a video from Alexis Nichols, our Children’s Ministry Director, for more information.

Scan the QR code on each sign for a fun activity, and complete all the hunt activities for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Gift card raffle and pre-filled egg pickup on Easter Sunday at The Journey.

The first egg hunt sign to scan will be on the Journey campus and includes hunt instructions. Happy hunting!

Example yard sign for our Family Drive Around Easter Egg Hunt