10:00 AM Sunday Service

10:00 AM Sunday Service

We have one Sunday Service at 10:00 AM. This service service is mask optional.  If you aren’t able to attend services on campus,  we want to encourage you to stay engaged with us through our Livestream and all other means available.

Our Livestream is at 10:00am Sunday on Facebook Watch.  A Facebook account is not required to watch our stream.  However,  you will need a Facebook account to participate in the comments stream.

Campus Life Expectations:

Unity as a church body is an important factor.  We need to acknowledge that we have differing opinions on the necessity of social distancing and wearing of masks.  However, we all should respect the need for a common approach to operating The Journey Campus.

Here is the updated approach we are taking at The Journey:

  • We will have one service at 10 AM
  • Masks are optional across The Journey campus
  • Our Personal Protection Tables with hand sanitizer and masks will remain available
  • Practice social distancing at your own discretion (optional).
  • If you are sick, or suspect you may be sick, please stay home

Looking forward to seeing y’all on Sunday!