Online Community

Online Community

On the menus below are everything you will need in this new reality to develop your faith and lead your family toward maturity.

General Community

There are several ways to virtually join us in general activities on The Journey:

  • Worship: Join us for live streaming worship on Sundays at 11 am by visiting our Journey Facebook Page or our Journey YouTube Channel.
  • Videos: RightNow Media is similar to Netflix for Christian video content and is available to you free through our church subscription.  If you want to use RightNow Media, email with your email address and we will send you an invitation.
  • Small Groups: See section below.

Small Group / Journey Men / Ladies Bible Study

Click to View Available Groups

Being part of some type of Small Group is key to your experience on The Journey.  Our small groups include our Journey Men group and our Ladies Bible Study group.  This is where you can connect deeply with others, share life lessons and encourage one another to grow in your faith. This cannot be accomplished in a worship service with a lot of people but it can be achieved in person in a small group or through a virtual small group experience.

So, if you have not yet joined a group, check out the variety of options available on this page and try it out!

Journey Students

Journey Students are going digital! Just because we can’t meet face to face doesn’t mean we stop hanging out, growing in Christ and being the body!

Here are the ways Journey Students are staying connected:

  1. Paul Nichols’ cell and email – (940) 284-8948 and  Get ahold of him directly if you have a need!
  2. Students should join the GroupMe!  To join just text Paul with your name and say “Add me to the GroupMe!” and he will add you ASAP.  The GroupMe App is free so go get it!  Don’t forget to turn notifications on for this app!
  3. Everyone, including students, should follow the Journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected and interact with us on social media!
  4. Students should join their families for our Live Stream Services on Facebook on Sunday mornings at 11 am!


  1. Go download the Zoom App to your smart device or install the Zoom client on your computer.
  2. Create a FREE account! Remember your login info!
  3. Add REFRESH ONLINE to your Google calendar and turn on notifications
    + to Google Calendar
  4. Join the Zoom Meeting @ 5 pm on Sundays (Meeting ID: 594-637-8591)
  5. Parents follow up REFRESH ONLINE with content from the Parent Cue App. The Parent Cue App

JourneyKids / JourneyKids Jr.

Hi, Journey Families!

I hope you and your child(ren) are enjoying the Orange story and worship experiences we are providing on our website!  Be sure to check out the daily devotionals for your children K-1st; 2nd-3rd and 4th-6th called God Times as well as the new May PreK Placemats!  I’d love to know what you’re using with your children and what y’all like!   The Parent Cue App will also help you engage Sunday’s lesson with your child throughout the week. If you haven’t yet downloaded the Parent Cue App, please click HERE for directions for how to do so.

I continue to be in prayer for God to give you the confidence you may need to be the champion of your child’s faith as you dive into God’s word with them during the week. I am here for you and I would love to hear how your experience is going! I’d also love to pray for you and/or your child(ren) if you have any specific prayer requests.  Please reach out to me at with any feedback, questions or concerns you may have.

Parent Guides & God Time Cards for May 24th

Click the image for the PreTeen Parent Guide.

Click the image for the 5/24 PreTeen Devotional.
Click the image for the Elementary Parent Guide.

Click the image for the 5/24 K-1 devotional.
Click the image for the 5/24 2nd-3rd grade devotional.


Click the image for the PreK Parent Guide.

Parent Guides & God Time Cards for May 17th

Click the image to download the PreTeen Parent Guide.

Click the image for the May 17 PreTeen devotional.
Click the image for the Elementary Parent Guide.

Click the image for the May 10 K1 Devotional.
Click the image for the May 10th 2-3 Devotional.


Click the image for the PreK Parent Guide.